Our Stone

We work with the lower mainland’s top stone suppliers to provide you the highest quality in natural stone, engineered quartz and marble.



Granite is a natural stone formed over millions of years through the natural cooling of volcanic magma. It’s unique mineral composition creates a range of rich colours, characteristics and unique veining. Granite slabs are mined from stone quarries around the world, and imported to B.C. It is a tough, resilient stone perfect for countertops, vanities, stairs and other high-touch areas. No two countertops are ever the same.



Quartz is man-made engineered stone made from ground quartz, stone and binding agents. Colours and prints are added in the manufacturing process to create a bright, natural-looking finish. Quartz is slightly harder than granite, making it a popular option for kitchens, bathrooms and other stone finishings. Not all quartz is created equally, which is why we only work with the lower mainland’s top suppliers to ensure quality and longevity.



Sintered stone, such as the popular brand Dekton by Cosentino are becoming more popular for their durability and unique colour patterns. This man-made stone is comprised of natural minerals bonded through high heat and pressure processes called ultracompaction. The result is a stone that is highly resistant to weathering, UV rays and heat, and less likely to scratch or breakdown over time. Valley Granite Products is a certified Dekton fabricator.



Marble is a beautiful natural stone formed when limestone is exposed to heat and pressure. The formation process results in a bolder colour and richer veining. Marble, while durable , is softer and more porous than granite or quartz. For this reason it requires more maintenance and attention. Marble is most often used for fireplaces, wall coverings and less high-touch surfaces.